Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hypocritical Family "Values"

Funny - I was more upset when I found out Nancy Grace was going to be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars than Chaz Bono, and I don't even watch the show. Lewis Black was on the same wavelength.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Cartoon of the Day

The Big Tent Party

Here you go Log Cabin Republicans. Pat yourselves on the back, GOProud. Please Lt. Dan Choi, continue to rail against President Obama and how he's done nothing for the gay community, and realize that in fighting against Obama, this is what you're fighting for.

The cognitive dissonance is astounding.

Just as I will never understand why any middle class member of a union votes Republican, I will shake my head in amazement at a gay American who flips the lever for any GOP candidate.

And let's be clear about Rick Santorum's idiotic statement:

I would say any type of sexual activity has absolutely no place in the military. The fact they are making a point to include it as a provision within the military that we are going to recognize a group of people and give them a special privilege to, and removing don't ask don’t tell. I think tries to inject social policy into the military. And the military's job is to do one thing: to defend our country...
Yes, it's a real privilege to put your life on the line to defend Rick Santorum and his policies isn't it? But please, Rick, continue.
I would just say that going forward we would reinstitute that policy if Rick Santorum was president. That policy would be re-instituted as far as people in, I would not throw them out because that would be unfair to them because of the policy of this administration. But we would move forward in conformity with what was happening in the past. Which was- sex is not an issue. It should not be an issue. Leave it alone. Keep it to yourself whether you are heterosexual or homosexual.
The repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell is now law. Rick Santorum or any other Republican president (I shudder at the thought) cannot unilaterally reinstitute DADT with the flick of a pen. You can't repeal a law by executive order. That's why it was so important for President Obama to make this a legislative issue as he is doing with the Defense of Marriage Act. Besides the fact that the federal court deemed DADT unconstitutional.

Santorum is right. Sex is not an issue, but by discriminating against gay and lesbian soldiers, he is making it an issue. There is no "exception," no "special privilege" we are bestowing among gay soldiers be the repeal of DADT. So take your own advice, Rick. Leave it alone.

As far as yet another hostile Republican crowd at the debate after the "Let 'em die" Tea Party crowd at the CNN debate, I'm not the least bit surprised by their applause at Santorum's answer, but the boos at a uniformed member of the Armed Forces who is protecting their right to be homophobes and bigots takes it to a new low. Booing a member of the military? They should be ashamed, but they're not.

Gay Republicans, what the hell are you thinking?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Buffett Birthers?


The Hill reports big names in Congress are starting to say Buffett "needs to reveal his finances if his views on tax rates are going to serve as the basis for Obama administration policy."
NRSC chair John Cornyn (TX), who took the call to Twitter Thursday, explained to ABC News that knowing how Buffett makes his money could change the way people view the so-called "Buffett Rule" that President Obama is making a cornerstone of his call for increased taxes on the super-rich.
John Cornyn should pay attention because I believe this is exactly what Warren Buffett admitted to. He is taxed at a lower percentage on capital gains for really doing nothing but investing his money.

Here he is on Charlie Rose, WITH A COPY OF HIS TAX RETURNS!

Hey Buffett Birthers, just say "Oops" and get out! And now that we've seen that Mr. Buffett has made his tax returns public, I'd like to see the Koch brothers' returns, please.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Elizabeth Warren Is For Real

Watch this now. Elizabeth Warren is running for Senate against (former?) Tea Party darling incumbent Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Watch her as she takes questions from Joe Scarborough and Mark Halperin who are showing obvious disdain for her. You can see it in their faces as they ask what I consider to be "gotcha" questions that she hit out of the park.

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President Obama didn't fight for you? China's military aspirations? Great questions! If only they would ask serious questions of everyone that came on their show.

You can donate to Elizabeth Warren's campaign here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Poor Rep. Flemming Eking Out An Existence at $774K Per Year.

Here's the perfect example of the GOP disconnect in the class warfare/tax fairness issue. Republican Louisiana Rep. John Flemming owns Subway shops and UPS storefronts. His income from those businesses is $6 million yearly. But he has the balls to whine that after expenses, he only takes home $600,000. After after home expenses, he only has $400,000 left to reinvest.

First of all, it's none of my business if Flemming's home expenses are $200,000. But whatever happened to tightening your belt at home during hard economic times? What happened to living within your means? Second, it doesn't seem like he's counting his $174,000 Congressman's salary in his take home total. Finally, Flemming claims to have 500 employees. At $5.4 million in expenses, he's paying far less than $10,800 per employee that his number equals divided by 500 employees.

So, John Flemming is a liar when it comes to job creation. But what's really galling is that what he sees at practically nothing, his $774,000 "take home pay" can hire 15-20 teachers, or police officers or firefighters.

And these are the politicians the Tea Party types defend? Pathetic.

President Obama's Plan for Reducing the Deficit

Here's yesterday's speech in case you missed it like I did.

Quote of the Day

"I reject the idea that asking a hedge fund manager to pay the same tax rate as a plumber or a teacher is class warfare. I think it’s just the right the thing to do...

This is not class warfare, it's math...

I will not support - I WILL NOT SUPPORT any plan that puts all the burden for closing our deficit on ordinary Americans. And I will veto any bill that changes benefits for those who rely on Medicare but not does raise serious revenues by asking the wealthiest Americans or biggest corporations to pay their fair share."
~President Obama in his speech on his plan to reduce the deficit by raising $1.5 trillion in revenue from top earners.

One Good Reason To Raise Taxes

Bill O'Reilly might quit.

Of course, Bill-O is throwing crap on the walls to see what sticks. His fear mongering about a 50% income tax is purely wild speculation. No one in the White House has ever claimed that number, only a reversal to the Clinton Era tax rates, which were 36% and 39.6% for individuals in the top 1.2% of wage earners. And in actuality, after deductions and loopholes, they didn't even pay that much.

But hey, if Bill O'Reilly will quit working altogether because of a 3% hike in his taxes, that's all the more reason to support President Obama's revenue increase plan. I'm sure O'Reilly's narcissism will allow him to go quietly into the night and forgo the $20 million he makes a year. No more Fox. No more books. No more showing how he's so much smarter he is than everyone else on the planet. I'm sure that the self-avowed second most powerful man in the nation will go that route. Maybe he can just go back to a simple life of sexual harassment.