Saturday, January 5, 2013

Must Reads

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Shauna Theel: 10 Dumbest Things Fox Said About Climate Change In 2012

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Bloomberg News Editorial: Budget Deal Offers Silver-Lining Playbook for Next Round

Michael Tomasky: Dear Liberals: Stop Complaining

Tim Murphy: Republicans Have a Habit of Blocking Disaster Relief for Americans

Dana  Milbank: Defined by a Sandy sidestep

New York Times Editorial: Al Jazeera In America

The Rude Pundit: Fiscal Cliff-Leaping: The Hopeful Politics of Capitulation

Charles Pierce: The Passion of The Boehner

President Obama's Weekly Address - January 5, 2013

Working Together in the New Year to Grow Our Economy and Shrink Our Deficits

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Meet the New House...

... same as the old House.

So as expected, despite his attempts at self sabotage by walking away from negotiation after negotiation,  pouting during a meeting with leaders after his failed Plan B stunt, telling Sen. Harry Reid to go fuck himself and blowing off the Sandy Relief Aid bill incurring the wrath of some of his own congressional "allies," including one particular large Republican Governor, John Boehner was re-elected as Speaker of the House with 220 votes.

The first filed bill came from Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota, what the fuck are you thinking?!) to... wait for it... repeal Obamacare. You know, because the first 33 votes worked so well.

The sound you hear is that of my forehead repeatedly banging into my keyboard.

Dude, Where's My Club?

This is kinda funny in part because it's not in the least surprising.
"The White Horse Inn, one of two recreational marijuana clubs that opened in Colorado this week, is closing its doors after just a few hours of doing business, the Denver Post reports. The club lost its lease after it opened ahead of schedule on Monday in an effort to become the first club of its kind in the state."
Now whether the club lost its lease because of some legal issues for opening early, or because the landlord didn't want to rent to a marijuana club is not metioned in this particular article. But I can't only snicker at the thought of the club owner's reaction to the news.