Saturday, April 7, 2012

Must Reads

James A. Feldman: The flawed case against Donald Verrilli

Eugene Robinson: Mitt Romney can’t shake away impressions he’s made

Bob Cesca: Another Right-Wing Terrorist Hits Planned Parenthood

Jim Hightower: The Truth About the U.S. Postal Service

Dan Froomkin: Karl Rove's NAACP Analogy Runs Afoul Of Law, History

Mike Sacks: President Obama Locks Horns With Chief Justice Roberts Over Health Care Case

Adam Davidson: The Real Reason Gas Costs $4 A Gallon

Rachel Maddow: RNC chairman reflects on women, caterpillars

Sara Robinson: Did Rick Santorum just declare the next right-wing crusade?

Brendan McCarthy: Judge imposes stiff sentences on 5 NOPD officers convicted in Danziger shootings

Paul Buchheit: Five Preposterous, Persistent Conservative Myths

Sam Parry: If the Supreme Court Goes Rogue

President Obama's Weekly Address - April 7, 2012

Easter and Passover Greetings from President Obama

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chart of the Day

Via Steve Benen:

...when jobless claims fall below the 400,000 threshold, it's considered evidence of an improving jobs landscape, and when the number drops below 370,000, it suggests jobs are actually being created rather quickly...
...Here's [a] chart -- which reflects the revised, seasonably-adjusted data -- showing weekly, initial unemployment claims going back to the beginning of 2007. (Remember, unlike the monthly jobs chart, a lower number is good news.)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

President Obama Speaks at the Associated Press Luncheon

More like this, please. Watch the whole thing if you have an hour.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Why the Hell is Tony Soprano in Israel?!

AP - New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie kicked off his first official overseas trip to the Middle East Monday, meeting Israeli leaders in a visit that may boost the rising Republican star's foreign policy credentials ahead of November's presidential elections. He will move on to Jordan later this week for a personal visit with Jordan's King Abdullah.
...Christie's trip, billed "Jersey to Jerusalem," is a trade and diplomacy mission, according to his office.
How many bialys can one guy eat?!