Saturday, April 7, 2012

Must Reads

James A. Feldman: The flawed case against Donald Verrilli

Eugene Robinson: Mitt Romney can’t shake away impressions he’s made

Bob Cesca: Another Right-Wing Terrorist Hits Planned Parenthood

Jim Hightower: The Truth About the U.S. Postal Service

Dan Froomkin: Karl Rove's NAACP Analogy Runs Afoul Of Law, History

Mike Sacks: President Obama Locks Horns With Chief Justice Roberts Over Health Care Case

Adam Davidson: The Real Reason Gas Costs $4 A Gallon

Rachel Maddow: RNC chairman reflects on women, caterpillars

Sara Robinson: Did Rick Santorum just declare the next right-wing crusade?

Brendan McCarthy: Judge imposes stiff sentences on 5 NOPD officers convicted in Danziger shootings

Paul Buchheit: Five Preposterous, Persistent Conservative Myths

Sam Parry: If the Supreme Court Goes Rogue

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