Friday, November 21, 2008

Palin's Post Pardon Preposterousness

The Governor of Alaska pardoned a Thanksgiving turkey at a Wasilla turkey farm yesterday. She decided to conducted a post pardon interview just outside the farm. The thing is, she was standing in front of a slaughtering trough. It would be bad enough if she hadn't known about it, but when the cameraman asked if she was okay with the background, she reportedly replied, "No worries."

I've watched this video three times now and still haven't heard a word Sarah Palin said during the interview because 1- I originally thought it was gobbling turkeys and 2-because of what's going on in the background. (Warning: graphic images)

Follow along starting at the 1:55 mark:

"Oh! Well this was, this was neat. I was happy to get to be be invited to participate in this and, uh, you know it it- for one, you need a little bit of levity in this job, especially with so much that has gone on the last couple of months that has been so, uh, political obviously that it's nice to get out and, and do something to promote a local business and to, uh, just participate in something that isn't so, uh, heavy handed politics that, uh, invites criticism. Certainly we'll probably invite criticism for even doing this too, but at least this was fun."

Don't know how much fun it was for the turkeys.


Virtual Kevin said...

I am so happy to see SP back in the lime light she deserves. Like ridiculous small town politician that she is. How do you plan for oil to go from 140 to 50 a barrel? Crystal ball? And why do you hvae to rein in government when that happens?? Oh boy, now we can pay off all of those budget shortfalls we had last year...oh wait.. we don't do that. That would be "big government!!" She sucks and she should have her own cable access show called "Sarah Says" and we can all forget about her!

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