Saturday, November 29, 2008

'Tis The Season

When are 5am "door buster" sales going to be outlawed? Doesn't this seem to happen every year? The crowd at the Valley Stream, Long Island WalMart literally ripped the doors off the hinges to get in and shop on the morning after Thanksgiving. The store owners should be held responsible for negligent homicide.

There are a couple of easy ways to fix this.

1 - Beef up security.

2 - People were lining up at 9pm the night before. It's easy to hand out wristbands with numbers on them and then shoppers can go home for the evening. Your wristband determines what time you can return and enter the store in an orderly fashion to shop. Is that so hard?

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Fraulein said...

This story has been haunting me all weekend. Imagine the family of the poor guy who got killed. These maniacs literally stomped this guy to death so they could get in to a fucking Wal-Mart faster to save a few cents on a bunch of crap no one needs anyway. It's like civilization has collapsed.

I totally blame the store for the lack of security, but the attitude of the people who would trample over another human being in their pursuit of a bargain...that's the thing I find disturbing beyond measure. What the fuck kind of people ARE they? How is it possible to be that callous?