Saturday, January 3, 2009

Douchebag of the Week: Linda Hockaday

Who is Linda Hockaday you ask? She is the bus matron who decided that she couldn't be late for her church service on New Year's Eve, so she decided to leave a severely mentally handicapped man strapped in the back of her bus after it was parked in the lot for the evening.

Ed Wynn Rivera, who suffers from palsy, was left in the bus during one of the coldest nights of the year for 17 hours.

Hockaday's former boss at Outstanding Transport in Brooklyn wasted no time Friday in throwing her under the bus.
"She deserves whatever she gets," fumed Charles Curcio after firing his employee of 18 months. "I would not take her back. It's a disgrace."
I'd like to throw Hockaday under the bus... and then run over her... a few times.


Armadillo Hussein Joe said...

Mrs. Joe was very upset by this incident and is making arrangements with her company manager for this man's whole family to come see her show.

Mrs. Joe and I were remarking that evening (while watching all the Times Square idiots on the Tee-Vee) that we were sure glad to not be out in that cold mess. To think that this poor man - completely incapable of taking care of himself or of even fully understanding what was happening to him - was sitting in a cold, dark bus overnight in that weather is almost too much to bear.

I agree - no punishment is too severe for what this woman has done.

Fraulein said...

So, so depressing. Really makes you despair for humanity, this kind of thing. Imagine how scared the poor guy must have been...