Friday, January 30, 2009

They all look alike...

guest-posted by Armadillo Joe

So, once again the Rethugli-goons in America's modern Nixonized GOP prove just how little distance they've actually been able to put between the Southern Strategy Dixiecrats of forty years ago and the tattered remnants of today's post-W imploding regional party with little influence beyond a collection of states guilty of treason a century and a half ago, a treason committed in defense of an ugly "peculiar institution" our nation had to fight a bloody civil war to repudiate.

Because Michael Steele is now the GOP chair.

They are so myopic about what is wrong with their party, about how little they've evolved from their Dixiecrat mid-wifing in the violence and turmoil of Nixon's America, that they actually believe all the toxic drum-up-the-base "affirmative action" rhetoric their reactionary hate-radio mouthpieces spew onto the nation's airwaves. They promoted a black guy for the head job in their country club because the other team got one to run the whole damned country.

I guess they figured they oughta get themselves a Negro, too.

Which lays bare the embarrasing fact that, as hard as they try to hide and obfuscate their readily apparent obsession with race, racism and racial issues, they still (forty-five years after MLK so eloquently bid us not to) only evaluate people by the color of their skin and not the content of their character. They are such a pathetic collection of fuddy-duddies bound for history's dustbin that even though they are able to dimly recognize that the Big O is, yes, an extraordinary black man, to the bulk of the people who voted for him he is merely (merely!) an extraordinary man. Only those very same fuddy-duddies bound for history's dustbin would add the once-obligatory "who happens to be black" to that declaration, such a phrase revealing the biases of its utterer simply by being uttered.

No, the sad sacks in the imploding GOP simply have absolutely no idea why the Democrats rolled over them in the last two elections and, more to the point, what is that je ne sais quoi about Barack Obama that helped drive 2008's massive victory. They look at Barack Obama and see a black man first, so they assume everyone else does too and voted accordingly. They assume everyone else's soul must be as disfigured as their own. What they fail to realize and, judging from their behavior the last week and a half since BHO took the oath of office, probably won't ever realize even as they fade into the mists of antiquity, is that it wasn't Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats who rolled over them.

It was history.

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Broadway Carl said...

It's in this same vein that I think they chose Bobby Jindal to be one of their main mouthpieces during the campaign when there was speculation that he might be chosen for VP. Instead they tried to get the woman's vote with Palin. And I still believe Jindal will be a frontrunner for the GOP in 2012.

Palin/Jindal 2012?