Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shoulda Been Nicer To Him

posted by Armadillo Joe

This is not a Breaking News blog, for the most part, but some news is just too big not to post up.

Arlen Specter has switched parties.

The long-tim GOP-er is now a Dem. If Franken holds on to the seat he rightfully won, that makes the magic 60.

Funny how this ties into a post I was already composing about the death spiral of the GOP. Remember when, in the summer of 2001, Senator Jim Jeffords became an independent, rather than sign on with the yahoos drafting in behind Chimpy McLies-a-lot and his Evil Uncle Dick(head)? If those planes hadn't done what they did on 9/11, we'd probably have seen the GOP slowly self-destruct over the next several election cycles in the wake of W's incompetence. Instead, we got to see them soar to unimaginable heights of power and then brilliantly, spectacularly "auger in."

I also think the announcement of this switch might have be timed to cover Specter's gutting of pandemic funding as the swine flu starts to look like Captain Trips. Either way, the GOP's job in 2010 just got a great deal harder.


Suck on that, haters.

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