Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another DFH Out of The GOP

posted by Armadillo Joe

With a death-bed confession in a letter to his grandchildren, the late Jack Kemp (GOP candidate for VP in '96) reveals that was he was, in fact, a Dirty Fucking Islamofascistic/socialist, America-hating Hippie:
My first thought last week upon learning that a 47-year-old African-American Democrat had won the presidency was, "Is this a great country or not?"


Let me explain. First of all, the election was free, fair and transformational, in terms of our democracy and given the history of race relations in our nation.

What do I mean?

Just think, a little over 40 years ago, blacks in America had trouble even voting in our country, much less thinking about running for the highest office in the land.

A little over 40 years ago, in some parts of America, blacks couldn't eat, sleep or even get a drink of water using facilities available to everyone else in the public sphere.


The party of Lincoln, (i.e., the GOP), needs to rethink and revisit its historic roots as a party of emancipation, liberation, civil rights and equality of opportunity for all.


President-elect Obama talks of Abraham Lincoln's view of our nation as an "unfinished work." Well, isn't that equally true of all of us? Therefore let all of us strive to help him be a successful president, so as to help make America an even greater nation.
His death brings the Rethugli-goon Party one step closer ideological purity.


Anonymous said...

When the neo con artists read this letter,they will claim its a forgery!Truth is Kemp reaced out to inner city minorities and empathetic with poor people probably since he played with them in the NFL.He should've been a senator.One of the few republicans I liked and respected

Fraulein said...

That is fascinating. You have to wonder why someone like this was in the Republican party in the first place.