Thursday, October 29, 2009

It’s a Jerry Springer Episode

From John Cole regarding Sarah Palin's attempt to bilk $100,000 for a speaking engagement from the Iowa Policy Center. You know, Iowa? The same state that potential presidential candidates bend over backwards for a year before their campaign run? For free? Yeah, that Iowa.

Umm, guys? SHE’S. A. GRIFTER. She quit her damned job to go on the wingnut welfare circuit. Seven in ten people think she is unqualified to be President. She’s just in this for the money, and she is currently having a public feud with the father of her teenage daughter’s child who is himself cashing in by posing for Playgirl.
This isn’t a credible politician. It’s a Jerry Springer episode.
Yes, she's a con artist. Just like the book that she didn't write. To think that it was only a week after the country (and John McCain) discovered her that she reached her political peak for delivering a snarky Convention speech from a teleprompter. How soon before it all catches up with her?

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