Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sotomayor Has Surpassed Thomas Already

When I read the Huffington Post title, "Sotomayor Asks More Questions In An Hour Than Thomas Has In Years," I surely thought it was an exaggeration. Wouldn't you? HA! WRONG!

Does Clarence Thomas really ask so few questions that Sotomayor could beat his total in an hour, you may wonder. Indeed, he does. As the AP reported in February 2008, Thomas had gone 2 years and 144 cases without speaking up during oral arguments. "It is a period of unbroken silence that contrasts with the rest of the court's unceasing inquiries," the AP wrote at the time.
What a wise latina!

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NowhereMan said...

Yes,its true i' ve heard that since hes been sworn in.Which means hes either lazy,stupid or too embarassed to ask a question bacause it would confirm his incompetence.He just reads whatever Scalia's conclusions are in a case and says "me too boss"!