Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lyin' Joe Lieberman

This dirty motherfucker has to be exposed as the lying scumbag he is on the Senate floor for all to see and stripped of any senior positions and chairmanships in the Democratic Caucus. Preferably as soon as this health care reform vote is over, not that he's going to vote for it anyway. ENOUGH ALREADY!

Via Jed Lewison, Daily Kos:

Joe Lieberman is accusing President Obama of executing a bait and switch when it comes to the public option:
"It’s classic politics of our time that if you look at the campaign last year, presidential, you can’t find a mention of public option," Lieberman said. "It was added after the election as a part of what we normally consider health insurance reform — insurance market reforms, cover people, cover people who are not covered.
Nice line, Joe, except it's based on a flat-out lie. President Obama backed the public option during the campaign. For example, the Obama-Biden health care plan proposed a new public plan...
I guess you "can't find a mention of a public option" if you don't bother to listen, don't bother to look for it in the public record and are too busy explaining the difference between Sunni and Shia to the candidate you backed for President. Great foreign policy expertise, that one.

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NowhereMan said...

they wont kick him out or strip him of his chairmanship because they still need his vote and he knows it.Thats why he always plays the part of the diva>He knows most dems hate his guts but he is still pist they all dropped him like a hot potato when he lost the primary to Ned Lamont.He has no principles,hes just a bitter old man.