Saturday, January 23, 2010

Comedy FAIL!


Washington Post: White House Correspondents Association has picked this week's most unpopular stand-up comic Jay Leno be the keynote speaker at this year's White House Correspondents Dinner.

An NBC rep confirmed the invitation to The TV Column.

In fairness, the association asked Leno weeks ago -- when he was just the host of a primetime show that was failing five nights a week.

What a far, far cry from the comedic genius of this just four short years ago.


Wolfe Tone said...

Jay Leno was picked because he is safe.
NO one will be the target of scathing, well-deserved satire... especially the White House Correspondents, who so richly deserve to be gutted for no longer being journalists.

NowhereMan said...

I agree with Wolfe Tone.Leno wont expose the Washinton"journalist"the way Colbert did which is why Colbert will never be invited ever again to that dinner.Imagine a comedian calling the kettle black and be accused of being to over the top!