Saturday, January 30, 2010

President Obama's House Republican Conference Remarks

Enjoy the smackdown.

(C-SPAN has disabled embedding for this particular video, so clicking on the photo will send you to their site where you can watch the full conference remarks and the questions and answers that followed.)


NowhereMan said...

I bet it will be the last time they will invite him to the conference.What were they thinking?Now we are going to put this in his place!Funny how Obama called for both parties to end the rancor and name calling and right after its over they call him arrogant!

Broadway Carl said...

Well, I think they do it every year, but for some reason, they'd though they'd get the better of Obama if they televised it. Unfortunately for them, they thought typical talking points would do the trick. But the truth always has a liberal bias.

Even Fox cut away after they saw the shellacking the GOP was taking.