Sunday, February 7, 2010

Government is Just Like High School - UPDATED

Ho. Ly. Shit.

No wonder Palin continues to criticize President Obama for using a teleprompter. He hasn't mastered the fine art of scribbling on his body.  I guess because he never had to.

Even in my sleep I can tell you that "Drill, Baby, Drill!", tax cuts and smaller government are the cornerstone talking points of the GOP and conservatives.  But Sarah Palin needs to write them down on the palm of her hand like a high schooler with crib notes to get through an hour with an adoring crowd.  She's eventually going to get sent to the Principal's office.

(H/T Bob Cesca)

Update (1:45pm): A commenter at another blog posted the following regarding this story: "I honest-to-God do not get what the big deal is about this. You folks MAKE her a big deal with all the attention you pay her." which I felt a response was needed.

You've got to be kidding. The "big deal" is that [Sarah Palin] is who the wingnuts have chosen to be their leader, and while she criticizes the president for using a teleprompter that presidents have been using for the last 30+ years including [Ronald] Reagan, who she mentioned at least a dozen times last night, [Palin]'s acting like a high school cheerleader writing down talking points on the palm of her hand (that everyone else can recite in their sleep) so she doesn't fail her pop quiz even though she knew the questions beforehand.
She has a Down Syndrome baby and is appalled at Rahm Emanuel's use of the word "retarded" [to the point of calling for his firing,] but has no problem with Rush Limbaugh using it and is even making excuses for him.
You don't think that hypocrisy has to be called out?!
Adding... Margaret Carlson of Bloomberg News bet wrong in her last Countdown appearance when she said of the whole "retarded" issue, "I'm gonna go out on a limb here - I think because it is a matter of the heart for her, I don't think she wears this child on her sleeve... I bet that Rush Limbaugh quickly apologizes himself knowing that she will have to treat him the same way."


NowhereMan said...

Let be clear:I would love nothing better than to see this dipshit run in 2012 purely for the entertainment aspect of it all.To me the Sarah Palin frenzy is so amusing because its obvious her supporters either don't realize or care that shes a complete factually challenged moron.
If you don't believe me,just read everything McCain's campaign staff said about her.Palin is taking her supporters for suckers.I guarantee you she won't run.Remember, this woman has quit every elected office she has ever won.She has always taken Harry Truman's advice and got out of the kitchen when it got to hot.This whole thing is about $. She knows that as long as she continues to be coy about running in 2012,she will continue to command huge speaking fees by disillussioned people who think shes better equipped and smarter than a Harvard professor to lead the country!Let those assholes keep throwing $ at her shes playing them for suckers.But for comedy relief,I would like to see her run but she won't.I'd love to see that first debate just to see her bare arms covered with crib notes or should i say,talking points
As for Margaret Carlson,shes completely clueless about limpballs he NEVER apologizes for anything he says.In a sick way, his audience loves that about him- even when proven he was wrong, they want him to stick to his guns and not apologize!Its like the woman who sat on Pinocchio's face and kept saying lie-don't lie lie-don't lie-don't lie

Anonymous said...

I knew that Sarah would be the one apologizing to her. And as I have said on every damn blog, Governor Perry's aide used the R-word and instead of publicly demanding Perry fire that guy, she campaigned for Perry today. This is not about heart for Sarah Palin. Trig is a prop. It breaks my heart to think that any parent would use a child the way she uses him. I HATE HER.

Really, I can bitch about her 24/7 because she is that bad. ;)


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I messed up (because she gets me so mad). I meant to say I knew she would apologize to Rush. Hey, if it's my comment, there's bound to be a screw-up.