Sunday, June 20, 2010

And All The Kings Men... (Part 2)

posted by Armadillo Joe

While we're talking about Hollywood-style worst-case scenarios, I thought the cartoon to the right was pretty funny.

I don't think this worst-case scenario is quite as funny:

Nor this one:

Nor this one:

Nor this one:

Ever see the movie "Deep Impact"? Remember the scene on the fishing pier when Tea Leoni (playing a TV news reporter) challenges James Cromwell (playing a seemingly disgraced White House official) because she thinks she's uncovered a presidential affair and he's the unwitting fall guy who resigned claiming to want to spend more time with his family? Only later does the audience find out that there was no affair and that he resigned because the entire White House knew the comet was going to destroy the earth and he really did want to spend time with his family before armageddon, the "affair" was just a ruse to cover his departure and throw the press and public off the scent of the impending global disaster.

Well, it seems Hollywood can't make shit up that won't eventually happen in real life. No, a comet isn't barreling toward the earth and no White House officials are pretending to resign to hide a larger crisis. But I'm not convinced that Tony Hayward's relaxing trip to a fancy yacht race was as much a tone-deaf PR blunder by a narcissistic gazillionaire as a rich man's indulgence in a private pleasure for possibly the last time. Because jailtime is in his future? Maybe.

But maybe something worse. But then I'd just be speculating.

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