Friday, September 17, 2010

A follow-up

Posted by JHW22

A reason I forgot to add to my list of beefs with people with a list of beefs toward Obama (and in this case, Tim Geithner), was the ranting going on lately to "Appoint Elizabeth Warren NOW!!" Remember Barney Frank said,

"With regard to appointing Elizabeth Warren, that's his [Obama's] decision. No one can stop him from making it."
But I knew ONE person who could. Ms. Warren herself. Elizabeth Warren has been doing a kick-ass job overseeing the TARP and has been a bulldog that, in my humble opinion, is irreplaceable in that role. So I wondered how she felt about the idea of leaving that equally-important post. I also wondered if she simply had no desire to be appointed to a job liberals were DEMANDING she be appointed to. No one seemed to pause and ask, "What does Elizabeth Warren WANT?" But I did.

And now, Barney Frank has to eat his words. Elizabeth Warren didn't want the job. She didn't want a five-year commitment. Nonetheless, she is stepping up to provide a valuable role in shaping the position and serving temporarily because she is just that amazing.

So this is yet one more reason I wish Dems would, as Jon Stewart said last night, "Take it down a notch" before stomping their feet over something. Let's all act like the sensible party we're supposed to be and gather all the information before we set our opinions in cement. Okie dokie?


Annette said...

I have asked myself that question many times. I think she even said on Rachel's show one night she was happy where she was. But that was ignored in their clammering to make the President look weak and saying it was Geithner who was stopping it.

jhw22 said...

Annette, Are you ME? ;)


Annette said...

I think you are in my you have many of the same thoughts I do.