Monday, September 27, 2010

Why I Stopped Watching Real Time

When I first started this blog almost four years ago, it was because I was inspired by Richard Dreyfuss when he was a guest on Real Time. I noticed last season, after President Obama won the 2008 election, the was something a little different about the show. Something akin to falling into the false equivalency meme that has infected the mainstream media.

There is no such thing as "both sides are equally crazy." Who is the liberal equal in influence to a Sean Hannity or a Rush Limbaugh? Name the progressive that has an equally large following. Point out who on the left holds an audience of millions spellbound like Glenn Beck does with his rubes. You can't name one, because one does not exist. Not even to mention the content of these shows, using half truths, spin, innuendo and flat out lies in an effort to undermine any Democratic "agenda." Believing that both sides are the same is just flat out wrong and dangerously naive.

And then last Friday night, there was Bill Maher introducing Andrew Breitbart as one of his guests on the panel. Andrew. Fucking. Breitbart. And he introduced him as a journalist.

It was disappointing to hear Bill Maher refer to Andrew Breitbart as a "journalist" last night. He isn't one, and calling him that is an insult to every journalist everywhere. Journalism requires the kind of integrity Breitbart utterly lacks...
Maher has diminished himself in elevating Breitbart, who returned the favor by telling his host "you're not libertarian, you're socialist." The fabricator's entire web empire is characterized by this sort of Overton Window-yanking insanity. You cannot find a single mention of Iraq or Afghanistan contracting scandals on his sites, for example, but you can find the latest ginned-up outrage over White House Christmas ornaments or an NEA conference call in between the Victoria Jackson posts.
I turned the program off halfway through the show.  I want honest debate, not shitty talking points and ACORN conspiracy theories.

Will I watch Maher again? Maybe in passing or perhaps stream a video clip here and there, but I'm not going out of my way to tune in anymore.


jhw22 said...

Yeah, I tired of the show part way through last season and stopped watching. The first part of the Breitbart episode KICKED ASS because he had Pat Tillman's brother on and that guy did not hold back.

But, honestly, I don't know who was worse in the next segment: Breitbart or Amy Holmes. I just turned it off after I heard "Obamacare" the eighth time. It was a waste of time.

I should also add that I have been on an Olbermann hiatus and glad to be so. When he bloviated that the administration is working "part-time" last week or so, I was immediately sorry for tuning in for the first time in a while.


NowhereMan said...

Not to defend Maher but many times hes had to apologize to the audience for not having a conservative republican on the show because he couldn't find one to come on the show!(Rachel Maddow has also expressed that frutration on her show) There have been lots of times when hes had three liberals on the show.Thats boring television I want to see people who disagree and debate the issues.This past week is the first time I've ever seen two republicans on the show.Yeah I understand you not liking Breitbart being on the show but like I said it's hard to find Republicans to do the show
Its still the best political debate show on tv

Broadway Carl said...

I have no problem with Maher having a conservative or Republican on his panel. Or even two. But when he invites a debunked narcissistic propagandist on his show and calls him a "journalist," I have a problem.