Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quote of the Day

If Juan [Williams] had said something like, “Sarah Palin is a fucking imbecile who ought to be dragged out behind the barn and put out of our misery with a bullet,” ALL these same people (or most of them, anyway) would be screaming for his head. 
If Juan had said something like, “You know, Hitler had the right idea…those fucking Jews ARE a problem and we’d be better off without them,” he’d be drinking a beer with Mel Gibson wondering if either of them will ever work again. 
If Juan had said, “Jon Stewart is a bigot. You know…those Jews run the media,” he’d have been equally fired but no one would have come to his defense. Wait a sec…did Juan Williams come to the aid of Rick Sanchez? Did ANYONE? [insert crickets chirping sfx]

~ Cousin Avi

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