Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This Is Disgusting

Look, I completely understand disagreeing with the President on the issues, as long as you are basing your analysis on these pesky, little things called facts.  But this ad is just flat out fucking reprehensible.

Note: The voiceover is actor Robert Davi, the same schmuck that did those freaky "demon sheep" Fiorina ads.

ADDING... At least the video doesn't show Obama kissing or holding hands with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah. Or sabre dancing for that matter. And why are they showing Obama with the Prince every time the narration makes a mention of "Israel's enemies"? The same fucking guy Bush sat down with! Man, they really think their audience is stupid. ...And they're probably right.

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NowhereMan said...

Has Obama abandoned Israel?How can you abandon your your foreign policy master?What he should do is threaten to withhold the billions in military aid to Israel so they could come to the peace table a little more humble and a lot less arrogant and have more fair and rational peace talks.But who am I kidding!?Thats never going to happen!Right Helen Thomas?