Friday, November 19, 2010

A Casual Observation

While I'm on the subject of Sarah Palin, you know, because there's nothing more important than that, there's one remark that struck me as odd during her narcissistic TLC reality show that practically no one has mentioned. At least I haven't heard anyone take note of it. And I only say "one thing" because I could not stomach actually watching the broadcast; my observation is just coming from video news clips because the "lamestream media" is obsessed with all things Palin.

There is a scene in the backyard of the Palin compound where Palin and the First Dude are chatting and commenting on the 14 foot fence that has been erected to block out a neighbor's view. That neighbor is supposedly a reporter who moved into the rental next door while he is in Alaska writing a book on Palin.

What struck me as the height of hypocrisy was Sarah suggesting to Todd that perhaps they should drill a hole in the fence so she can peer in and see what he's doing. She says this in front of cameras with absolutely no sense of irony. They're pissed off at the supposed spy next door, but now want to do the spying, all played out to delightful mischievous underscoring in front of 5 million viewers according to TLC. I wonder what the drop off in viewership will be next week?

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