Monday, November 29, 2010

S#*! Sarah Palin Says (Wikileaks Edition)

Whether or not you think the Wikileaks fiasco is important, a sham, agree or disagree with it, here Palin is, as usual, injecting herself into the middle of something she doesn't totally understand, and making it all about her.

How petty is Sarah Palin? She doesn't see this as a larger question of more secure intelligence sharing or inquiring about the process of declassification of government documents, or even trying to make networks for sensitive information tighter. No, in her incurious mind, she thinks well, hell, if a little ol' real 'merican hockey mom like her can stop her book from leaking out just by going to court, why can't the government (meaning gutless, America hating Obama) do the same? It's just so easy!


NowhereMan said...

Somebody explain to her that Julian Assange is not in this country or is a citizen of this country which makes going to court moot since wiki leaks is based in Europe.But then again,she and her mind numbed followers can't comprehend that.

jhw22 said...

She also has things backward. Her book WAS leaked and then she sued. The pages got out just like the Wikileaks situation. She's making a false comparison as if her book were protected by some super duper secret unbreakable shield or something. Her book leaked. Simple as that.