Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Today's Drudge Headlines...

... include no mention of the DADT repeal, START Treaty ratification or the 9/11 responders bill approval. But as Will Bunch notes, Matt Drudge rules our world, yet none of these items are newsworthy enough to warrant a link on the Drudge Report?

(Click photo for full size.)


vic c said...

No offence meant BC, but forget Drudge today and let's just ENJOY these accomplishments! After feeling so frustrated around the period of the elections and the continued dumping on the Prez, I'm smiling a lot these last days of the 111th Congress. Slow and steady, Mr. President! 'We don't need no Drudge Report to acknowledge your quiet determination to do well by America.'

Broadway Carl said...

Believe me, I NEVER go to Drudge, but it was brought to my attention. The point I was trying to make is that major news in favor of a Democratic president isn't covered by Drudge, but his site is a main source for the MSM, that's all. Glad they all ignored him as well. ;)