Saturday, February 19, 2011

Must Reads

Suzi Parker: In Haley Barbour's Mississippi: Civil War Looms Over License Plates

Maximillio: How Ending Social Spending Will Destroy Our Economy (and Country)

Jason Linkins: Obama Faring Poorly Against Imaginary Candidate

E.J. Dionne: Deficit Hawks and The Games They Play

Will Bunch: A Reagan Litmus Test for 2012 GOP Hopefuls

Bob Cesca: Most Americans Are Closeted Big Government Spenders

Eugene Robinson: Haley Barbour's Silence Speaks Volumes

Zach Carter and Elise Foley: Republican Amendment Would Strip Funds For Obama 'Czars,' Plus Elizabeth Warren

Jamison Foser: Facts Weren't Invited To CNN’s Stimulus Birthday Party

Elvis Dingeldein: Palin Flushes Base Down Toilet

Paul Krugman: Willie Sutton Wept

Joshua Holland: Joe Klein's Cluelessness on Wisconsin Uprising Highlights the Corporate Media's Contempt for Working People

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