Monday, February 7, 2011

The Obama/O'Reilly Super Bowl Interview

Maybe it's because of my Bill O'Reilly bias, but when did it become acceptable to ask a question of the President of the United States, and then constantly interrupt him during his answer? To me, it just shows O'Reilly has a subconscious disrespect for the office and for Obama in particular.

O'Reilly also comes off as an unserious "journalist" when he uses phrases like, "Those are tough guys, the Muslim Brotherhood" and "Mubarak knows a lot of bad things about us, rendition and such... I'm worried that he might go off the reservation." Yes, heaven forbid the American people might find out the truth of the criminal activities the government has been involved in.

"Does it disturb you that so many people hate you?" Not at all a serious question considering the President's 50% approval rating at the moment. Yes, even higher than St.Ronnie's rating at the same point in his tenure. Maybe the people who watch BillO hate Obama, but 2 million people does not a country make. And flailing and missing with a question about whether the President knows football and what a blitz is, as if he were going to catch him floundering and show Joe Average Football that Obama is an elitist who'd rather play cricket or polo than know the rules of American Football, was just pathetic.

What Obama should have said: "Yes Bill, I know what a blitz is. I also know what causes the tides."


jhw22 said...

"I also know what causes the tides"... LOL!!!! Great line.

I was prepared for the interruptions, and in some way can let that go because it was a short segment that he needed to get a lot in. It was disrespectful but also, an interviewer should run the time.

HOWEVER, my problem with the interview was how Bill O would make some snide, baseless, comment then immediately move on to the next question. It was a chicken shit way to conduct an interview and partly why Obama started to laugh -- because it was blatant opinion farting.


jhw22 said...

OK, watching the recap on Lawrence and yeah, the interruptions are pretty fucking bad. What an ass.