Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jon Huntsman Announces Bid - Day Full of SNAFUs

I thought this guy was supposed to be the true professional. What happened on his launch day in his bid for the presidential nomination is not the stuff of legends.

Look, things happen. Wanting to be all Reagan-y and announce your bid in the same location as St. Ronnie did 31 years ago to evoke the spirit of the greatest president in the history of the world is one thing, but you sort of need a good camera angle to get Lady Liberty in the shot. And sure, how can you predict your power generator crapping out 12 minutes before your speech?

But a couple of things that are unforgivable in preparation for your launch are not getting your address and phone number correct on your own campaign website and misspelling your own name on, of all things, press passes!

Rachel Maddow has the whole, sordid story with the ugly details here.

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