Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weiner Resigns - UPDATED

Rep. Anthony Weiner resigned from office Thursday, saying, "Unfortunately, the distraction that I have created" has made it "impossible" to continue his work in Congress.
Weiner apologized "for the personal mistakes I have made and for the embarrassment I have caused" to his neighbors, his constituents, and his wife.
It's a shame it had to end this way. But when I happened to catch the local news at 5pm yesterday and witnessed them leading with yet another Weiner picture, I knew the distraction was just too much for anyone to bear and that eventually he'd have to resign.

And he did just that today. In Anthony Weiner's resignation, he knew that he had no one to blame but himself and that there was just too much of a feeding frenzy for him to be effective at his job.

On a side note, the decorum of the heckler at the conference was atrocious. I hope he gets what he deserves, namely being run over by a truck on the way out of the conference.

UPDATE (8:20pm): Via Bob Cesca: "Sounds like Benji from the Stern show was back — shouting 'pervert' and 'are you seven inches' at Weiner during his statement."

Really? A Howard Stern lackey was heckling Weiner? Is this the same shock jock who has porn stars take off their clothes in his studio to ride orgasm inducing machines on the air? (Link is NSFW) And he's sending fuckwads to belittle Anthony Weiner? Gimme a break.

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