Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Welfare Drug Queens?


I am just shocked when I hear, read, speak to people I consider compassionate liberals who support drug-testing for welfare recipients. Shocked. To me, it spits in the face of what we stand for as liberals. And worse, it means liberals have fallen for the Conservative trap of believing in a false frame. Suckers. Damn it.

For those of you who agree with the welfare recipient drug testing, my beefs are that the premise is based on a lot of false assumptions: falsehood that there is an overwhelming number of people on drugs getting welfare, cost-saving fallacies, and a misunderstanding of how much money these people actually get each month.

So far, in Florida, the testing is a waste of time, money and energy all at the expense of some people's dignity. It's hard enough to need welfare assistance. It's another thing to have a big chunk of your fellow Americans believe the lie that you're some druggie taking advantage of the system. Anyone who supports the drug testing, has believed one part of the big lie meant to convince you this is a good idea. And it just simply isn't. It's all a political agenda to make you focus on the people who have less of an effect on our economic woes than the people who actually DO affect our financial health in this country. As we humiliate drug-free welfare recipients, we allow multimillionaires to pay a lower tax rate than their cleaning ladies. And yet people like ME are accused of declaring a class warfare.

Seriously, think about who has the greatest effect on our country's fiscal health. It's NOT the 2% of drug-using welfare recipients.


NowhereMan said...

Last month someone I know posted the story on facebook.The story outraged me but I was further incensed how many people gave it a thumbs up!Over a 5 day period I kept arguing with people that I personally knew who were at one time or another in the same dire circumstances who supported the law.I repeatedly pointed out that not only its humiliating for anyone to apply for welfare but even more degrading to have to prove you don't use drugs just because your getting money that is insufficient to pay your rent-if you even have a place to live
Yes! Lets take away more of our rights!Surrender more of our freedom!Why stop there?Let the government also tell you what you can or can't do to your uterus!
If your an alcoholic you will pass the drug test-no problem since the test is for illegal drugs.But if you fail the test you get no money.So what do poor people do when they can't find a job and the government won't help you how will you live?Right!turn to crime and eventually wind up in jail where so many poor people are.So the government instead of giving you money just to barely get buy,is now spending $150,000 a year to keep you in jail.Does any of this make any kind of sense?

jhw22 said...

Exactly right, Nowhere Man. And I have had the same dumbfounded shock seeing friends support this idea. They really have fallen for the frame. This drug-testing is wrong on so many levels. I just hate it.