Saturday, September 17, 2011

Must Reads

Ezra Klein: Why Libertarianism Fails in Health Care

The Rude Pundit: The US Day of Rage Takes a Trip Into Right-Wing Conspiracy Land

Bob Cesca: Cable News Debate Coverage Is Hurting Democracy

Kevin Drum: How to Talk About Solyndra

Paul Rosenberg: 10 Signs God Is Furious With the Right

Roger Ebert: Saul Alinsky Pours for the Tea Party

Nick Baumann: The GOP's Genius Plan to Beat Obama in 2012

Paul Begala: I [heart] Government

Paul Krugman: Free To Die

1 comment:

NowhereMan said...

The cartoon reminds me of the movie classic ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE.The one on the left is the George Bailey character who gives so much of himself trying to help his fellow man while the one on the right is the greedy Henry Potter who only cares about himself.I'm sure whenever a republican sees that movie they just cheer for Henry Potter as if they were attending a republican debate.