Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tacky, Callous and Disrespectful

That's how I describe Herman Cain's 9/11 campaign "commercial."

I suppose Herman Cain cares more about September 11th because he'll "never, never, never" forget? I mean, three "nevers" means he cares three times as much as those who say they'll "never forget," right?And showing off his pipes singing God Bless America? Wow.

(*I debated the idea of not including the video here and just linking to YouTube, but felt the need to display it here since my criticism of it is negative. So if you've already seen it, don't bother giving it any extra clicks.)

1 comment:

NowhereMan said...

Other than bring up painful memories, exactly how does this commercial help Cain?"Never,never,never" forget no DUH.I will tell you what you should forget:your candidacy.