Monday, November 7, 2011

Wee Wee'd Up


Remember when then-candidate Obama said something at a fundraiser about some people clinging to guns and religion? And remember how everyone from the left and right faked outrage over the remark, despite knowing he had a point?

Well apparently, the Republican party doesn't like their fundraiser event speeches being taken out of context. Oh, you know what speech I'm talking about.

Some are shocked that people are misconstruing Perry's performance as drunken or bizarre. Some are defending him as having been very well received by the crowd. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram went so far as to write a piece with supporters practically whining about how really, really good the speech was. My favorite part of the editorial was the reference to Perry seeming almost Paul Lynde-like.

But it's just one more example of the GOP hypocrisy. They take a comment from a very poignant, focused speech and rip it out of context and avoid the truth to it, just to mock the speaker. But when several clips, out of context or not, are shown to make their candidate look completely mockable, then hell's bells, that's unfair!

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