Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Give Romney Credit/Dismiss Huntsman

Mitt Romney has decided to skip the Donald Trump debate on December 27th. Regardless of his reasons, you have to give Romney credit for not falling into the trap of kissing the Trump ring. According to reports, the only candidates committed to attend the Trump debate are Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich... although there is plenty of time for Mitt to flip-flop on his decision.

In other news however, what seemed like the only other "reasonable" Republican nominee decided to give a little reach-aroud of the right wing nutjobs by casting doubt on the science of global warming. No, really.
"The scientific community owes us more in terms of a better description or explanation about what might lie beneath all of this," [Jon Huntsman said], "but there's not enough information right now to be able to formulate policies in terms of addressing [global warming] overall -- primarily because it's a global issue. We can enact policies here, but I wouldn't want to unilaterally disarm as a country. I wouldn't want to hinder job creators during a time when our economy is flat."
Not enough information? So much for the "reasonable" one.


NowhereMan said...

I have to give Huntsman a thumbs up for specifically saying he wouldn't kiss Trumps ring or any other part of his anatomy.While Romney wimped out explaining to Trump that he had a scheduling conflict.
I'mold enough to remember Mitt's father George who use to be a Vietnam war hawk till he realized as he put it,was brain washed by the generals then became anti war.That took courage.
The courage part of George's genes ran down his wife's leg.Remember,you can't take anything Mitt says seriously.He will say he won't attend Trump's debate today but who knows what he will say tomorrow.
By the way,did Trump steal Boehner's orange spray tan?

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