Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Posted by JHW22

I am LIVID! About as LIVID as I get and if you knew me in person, you'd know that's pretty fucking LIVID!

Susan G. Komen decided to stop giving grants to Planned Parenthood. Why? Because they hired some right-wing FREAK who has had it out for Planned Parenthood and she decided that because PP is being "investigated" (by fellow Republicans who have it out for Planned Parenthood) they can't get any grant money.

Some gal, in a Facebook comment thread, is saying it's a good thing because abortion increases chances of breast cancer and that PP should only raise private money and Komen should only spend money on research. Forget the fact that the Komen money PP gets IS private money and forget the fact that Komen has given money to PP in the past FOR detection of breast cancer, and forget the fact that, according to Komen's own site:

Research clearly shows abortion (also called induced abortion) does not increase the risk of breast cancer.

Here's the crux of our problem, America. We let FUCKING IDIOTS drown in misinformation to the point that an organization with a reach like Komen's WILLFULLY hires an ideological hack and then they make a decision that essentially relegates the Komen executive board to "Death Panel" status.

The more the right-wing chips -- hell, JACKHAMMERS -- away at PP, the more women will DIE. It's not hyperbolic to say so. Women need access to screenings of all kinds. And yes, some women need access to abortions. But the micro-cosmic backlash on abortion has become a macro-cosmic attack on ALL women. Women who aren't pregnant or seeking abortions will die because right-wing zealots are keeping life-saving services from them because they think that, somehow, this action prevents abortions.

I don't know where Susan G. Komen stood on abortion. But I'd really like to know what she would think about her name becoming the ugliest name associated with women's health care right now.

Don't just be pissed. DONATE to Planned Parenthood, FIGHT all the right-wing candidates in your state, VOTE on election day!

Do NOT let anything keep you from voting, folks! And VOTE wisely. A woman's life may depend on it.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention all the money all of these service have saved our health care system. Always more to it than that as you know, but the numbers add up. I'M LIVID TOO! @Mariea9

Bill Egelund said...

It is such a shame that wealthy old men feel that it is their God given right to control and dictate to women as if they were possessions or servants who needed discipline.