Monday, June 4, 2012

Context, ladies


OK, I've had a couple of days now where I accidentally watched Andrea Mitchell and only just saved my TV by putting heavy objects away before throwing them at her.

Today's "WHY THE FUCK AM I WATCHING THIS?!?!" moment was when Andrea and two other female journalists (I think Ruth Marcus and another gal whose name escapes me) were going ON AND ON about the Obama ad with Sarah Jessica Parker. You'd think the campaign broke some advertising 101 rule or something. You'd think the Obama campaign just ran an ad worse than the Daisy ad or the sheep with glowing eyes ad or the "I'm not a witch" ad (side note: that "I'm not a witch" ad STILL makes me think of "I'm not a witch, I'm your wife"). Anywho, Andrea and crew acted as if going the celebrity route was the horror of campaign ad horrors.

But just now, while watching Lawrence O'Donnell, I learned that the SJP ad was aired during... THE MTV MOVIE AWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As someone who worked in advertising, let me just say that the ad was great, for starters, because it encourages people to A) Donate B) Register at the Obama site and C) Stars a WOMAN that many WOMEN based years of their lives' schedules around. Genius. Now to learn it was aired to target the YOUTH VOTE, I want to find every object in my house and throw them at my TV posthumously for Andrea and ladies being so CLUELESS.

It was a GENIUS ad. A GENIUS ad buy. The only people who didn't "get" that? Three old white ladies who didn't watch MTV even when it HAD music.

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Teese Powell said...

Excellent! I was already thinking Mitchell had lost her edge, but had some kind of strange allegiance to her years of service. Thanks for clarifying that for me.