Saturday, June 23, 2012

SCOTUS & American Families


Next week the Supreme Court will rule on ObamaCARES.

In case you are wondering what will happen if they rule against it:

  • the private policy I have for my son & me will go up several hundred dollars
  • if I try to switch plans my son's peanut allergy will be a factor in whether he gets coverage
  • my c-section (from 6 years ago) will be a factor in the price of our coverage
  • we won't be guaranteed that our annual exams will be covered at 100%
  • the website that helped me find the plan we're on now, which is super user-friendly, will go away

So, whether you realize the benefit of ObamaCARES or not, families like ours will notice when our needs are no longer being met. Families like ours will notice when capitalism is tipped away from the consumer and toward a corporate bottom-line yet again.

**UPDATE** in response to a friend who suggested the Public Option:

*IF* SCOTUS gets rid of ObamaCARES, we're not going to be any closer to a public option. Americans may want reformed health care, but they REALLY want jobs and if the message pivots away from jobs (even though health care impacts jobs) Americans will get frustrated. Not only that, the health reform debate dragged on FOREVER and I doubt Americans are going to want to enter that debate again soon enough to make a difference for the families affected by the overturn. If it's overturned now, we still have a R-controlled House. That means until a new House, we won't get ANYTHING, let alone a public option. So between now and January we'd be back to where we started. UNLESS SCOTUS overturned everything but the mandate -- WHICH insurance companies won't want them to do since the mandate is how they pay for all the other parts.

Unless you can see a way for us to replace ObamaCARES with a public option next week, that still doesn't help the immediate problem American families will face.

And unless we can guarantee Obama is re-elected and we give him a mature Congress that would be filibuster-proof, even come January families will likely still be suffering.

A lot of things would have to fall into place for a SCOTUS over-turn to be OK for American families. And a lot of time in between. Some families can't afford that in-between time right now.

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