Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jon Stewart on "You Didn't Built That"

"I've been listening to and involved in this argument since the beginning. You didn't built THAT. "THAT" was in reference to infrastructure, specifically roads and bridges in this particular case. I had a Twitterfight, if you will, on this subject over the course of an entire day with someone who refused to believe the facts when presented to them; shrugged off the fact checkers and journalists who correctly identified that this wasn't a gaffe, it was a quote taken out of context. Yes, sometimes we speak inartfully and sometimes we even talk about two things simultaneously which may cause confusion, especially when reading a transcript.

Enter Jon Stewart, who dissects the situation and as usual, sticks it to the propagandists. You know, because the truth has a liberal bias.

Now the Obama campaign has already put out an ad basically doing the same thing, but with what I believe is a muddled message because of the dual "will say anything" / "actually agrees with the President" juxtaposition. They should have kept it simple.

I would suggest to the Obama campaign that they immediately hire Stewart's editor, and pay him/her whatever they want to construct their commercials because that last 30 seconds is gold.

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