Saturday, November 24, 2012

Must Reads

Bob Cesca: Marco Rubio is Definitely Not a Scientist. Man.

Michael Barbaro: After Obama, Christie Wants a G.O.P. Hug

The Rude Pundit: Other Questions for Marco Rubio After His GQ Interview (Based on His Favorite Rap Songs)

Melissa Jeltsen: Cory Booker To Live On Food Stamps After Making Twitter Challenge

Greg Sargent: Poetic justice: Romney likely to finish at 47 percent

Angelo Carusone: Why Macy’s Must Stop Selling Donald Trump’s Brand

Joe Klein: The Benghazi Circus

Bill Maher: The Common Cult

Paul Krugman: Grand Old Planet

Jim Wright: It's The Racism, Stupid

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NowhereMan said...

Here's what I have to say about empty suit Rubio-he opposed the dream act but offered no alternative for a comprehensive immigration reform which he is all for!Romney asked him to write an alternative to the dream act-he already had the blueprint,all he had to do was tweak it.Mind you,this was going on when Mitt was considering him for VP!After 6 weeks of Rubio doing nothing, Obama came up with his own version of the Dream act while Rubio did shit.
This clown is a smoke&mirrors phony who now denies science just so he can appeal to the extremist in his party.Hey Rubio!didn't yu learn anything from this last election?!You are already toast for 2016