Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Following My Blog

(BUMPED - Originally posted 11/3/08, 11:19 am)

Hello reader(s).

I've added a little widget on the right side of my page in order to help me figure out how much traffic I'm actually generating. After almost two years of blogging and over 1,300 posts I'm a little curious to find out if I am connecting with anyone and if you like my stuff enough to come back. I'm not so much worried about the single hits, but if you like what you read and stop by on a regular basis, won't you please take a moment to add yourself to the Blog Followers List? It would do wonders for my posting motivation and best of all, it's free!

Broadway Carl


Fraulein said...

OK, done and done.

chris said...

I feel incredibly stupid 'cause I'm not seeing the fucking widget - in which case you may not want me as a follower. :)

Broadway Carl said...

Hey Chris, just click on "Follow this blog" on the right side of the page.

chris said...

Just so ya know, I'm not really crazy. It wasn't there when I was looking for it. And then, one day, it magically reappeared...and now it's gone again...

Fraulein said...

I would do one of these on my blog but it would only depress me further, as I seem to have lost my only consistent commenter recently.

I think I know why, too -- I wrote a post on abortion which I suspect she disagreed with. I know such disagreements will arise, but it's just a shame because I always enjoyed exchanging comments with her.

Broadway Carl said...

That's too bad, Fraulein. It's a shame that people can't get past disagreements instead of expanding on common goals.

A friend of mine is a Republican who during the primaries had said that he'd vote for Obama if he was the nominee but would vote for McCain if Clinton was the Democratic candidate. We argued a bit about it (during his birthday party no less) but at least it was a friendly argument.

After Obama won the nomnination, I asked him about it, and he hemmed and hawed, trying to back away from his earlier decision to fote Democratic. At that point, I knew I had to stop talking politics with him.

He sent me an e-mail congratulating me for Obama's victory (as if he wouldn't benefit as well). After asking him, he also explained to me that after seeing McCain implode, he voted for Obama.

Happy ending.

You should put one of these on your blog anyway. You never know - I had no idea that 9 people so far read what I have to say and took the time to follow me. I also added a site tracker two days ago to see how many hits I get. So far it's averaging to about 45 a day. So there may be many people who read your blog that don't comment and you don't even know about it!