Friday, December 5, 2008

Burger Whatnow?

I just tried walking into a local Burger King about an hour ago to grab a quick bite and the sign on the cash register read, "Sorry. We are out of BURGERS!!!" Out. Of. Burgers.

You can't claim to be the Burger King, if you don't have any burgers. THE BURGER KING IS DEAD! LONG LIVE THE BURGER KING!

... Or maybe Queen Wendy.


jane said...

Is this a Krugmanesque omen of imminent economic doom? Or just an example of corporate America's Idon'tgiveafuckifyouwantsomethingfromme mentality?

I for one and scared.

Oh, iscuti, also.

jane said...

Jesus christ that ws a big typo for me. The more I have to type the moar I maek messtaeks it seeeeems.

Forga, also.

Fraulein said...

OK, that is freaking hilarious. Kind of like when our local crappy supermarket occasionally runs out of eggs.