Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bush Legacy: The Madness of King George XLIII

We all know he was and is sorely lacking. The delusional press conference yesterday proved that George W. Bush's skewed view of what has transpired during his eight years in the Oval Office... or perhaps I should say seven years in the Oval Office and one year at his Crawford ranch, flies in the face of logic and facts. The video below is proof positive that Bush is completely deranged, has no clue of the damage he's done to the safety, security and moral standing of the country and shows in a microcosm the blunder that was the Bush Administration.

And now comes word that even in what was hopefully his last press conference (barring his farewell address this coming Thursday), White House interns were used as seat fillers in the Press Briefing room after much pomp and circumstance of "Standing Room Only" warnings.
The White House had high expectations for yesterday's final, historic news conference. "ONE CORRESPONDENT PER ORGANIZATION," proclaimed the bulletin sent to reporters. "STANDING ROOM ONLY FOR NON-SEAT HOLDERS." But when the appointed hour of 9:15 a.m. arrived, the last two rows in the seven-row briefing room were empty, and a press aide told White House interns to fill those seats.
I was wondering who was was applauding as Bush left the podium. Now we know.

(H/T Bob Cesca)

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately,it wont be his last public appearance-he just has to give a farewell adress on thursday.ENOUGH!I was told by someone today, "your going to miss him when he's gone"I replied "i'm going to miss him like i miss my last two wives".