Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Joe the Plumber Becomes Joe the Reporter

Just when you thought it was safe to flush your toilet, it backs up and out comes the stink and sewage and Joe the Plumber. Sam "Joe" Wurzelbacher, who made an ass of himself during the presidential campaign is now making an ass of himself playing war correspondent for the conservative website PJTV.com.

His interviewing skills are atrocious, he can't think of a question to ask someone who's just given him a tour of a warehouse of catalogued spent shells recovered from bombing sites and then goes off on the media saying they shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a war zone... while he's playing reporter in a war zone! He'd rather watch war film trailers "like they did in World War I and World War II" to garner support for the troops before watching Marley and Me while stuffing his face with Jujyfruits™ instead of having real reporters report the real news.

Why does anyone keep taking this attention whore seriously?


Fraulein said...

I'm really not going to shed any tears if this nitwit gets his ass shot off. What business does he have over there??

Anonymous said...

He's Archie Bunker without the Brooklyn accent.Some conservative media outlet sent him there.Do they realize what kind of a loose canon this asshole is? he obviously has never read a newspaper-just for the funnies.With all the ill informed bullshit that comes out of his and palin's mouth,they should both run on a joint ticket in '012.What a fun time that would be!