Monday, March 30, 2009

Beavis And Butthead Republicans

by Armadillo Joe

I was re-reading my post about the Rethugli-goons' collective response to that global call for a symbolic act of responsible stewardship of the planet we all share and must bequeath to our descendants -- Earth Hour -- a collective response that amounted to, when tasked with collaborating on a class project of, say, making a dinosaur or race car, to eating the Play-Doh®. I was going to update it with this picture on the right, when I read the ever-awesome digby, who wrote the following:
Beavis And Butthead Republicans

by digby

I'm beginning to think that Limbaugh is doing this in order to make clowns like Cantor and Steele look statesmanlike by comparison. It's working.
In fact, I love that title so much that I'm creating a new tag so that we keep such stuff collected in one spot.

What have you guys got? Anything that qualifies as a "Beavis & Butthead Republican" moment?

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