Saturday, April 4, 2009


by Armadillo Joe

Saw this on Olbermann last night, but can't find the video. From the White House transcript of Obama's town hall in the Rhenus Sports Arena in Strasbourg, France:

as an American who is proud as anybody of my country, I am always jealous about European trains. And I said to myself, why can't we have -- (applause) -- why can't we have high-speech rail?
I ask myself that every single day, Mr. President.


ZenYenta said...

Now that's got to be satisfactory. Doesn't mean we'll get them, but at least the president wants them. It's a lot better than the other way around.

Annette said...

That's why there is that 800 Billion in the Recovery package for those magic trains from Disneyland to

Chris Anderson said...

Well duh, everyone knows High Speech Rail is a pipe dream. Our rail system is monosyllabic at best.