Monday, March 16, 2009

John "Twitter" McCain

Is it just me, or does John McCain's doublespeak give you whiplash too?

Here's the septuagenarian using that new fangled Twitter thingy.

Here's what he said during his campaign in favor of the bailout.

September 17, 2008: "I didn’t want to do that. And I don’t think anybody I know wanted to do that. But there are literally millions of people whose retirement, whose investment, whose insurance were at risk here. They were going to have their lives destroyed because of the greed and excess and corruption."
That's what we call in old 2004 parlance, a "flip-flop."

But wait! There's more! It looks like McCain was against it before he was for it before he was against it.

September 16, 2008: "No, I do not believe that the American taxpayer should be on the hook for AIG and I’m glad that the Secretary Paulson has apparently taken the same line."
I guess that's a "flip-flop-flip!" ...My neck hurts. I'm going to have to "follow" Twittter McCain and watch the hijinks ensue.

(H/T Think Progress)

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