Saturday, March 21, 2009

Must Reads

Paul Krugman: Despair over financial policy

The Rude Pundit: Sarah Palin to Alaska's Poor and Special Needs Kids: "Suck It, You Dirty 'Tards"

David Neiwert: Pelosi outrages wingnuts with cold truth: Immigration raids are "un-American"

Glenn Greenwald: The virtues of public anger and the need for more

Armadillo Joe recommends:

Matt Taibbi: The Big Takeover

Jeffrey Sachs: Capitalism and Moral Sentiments

John Perr: Red State Socialism and the Politics of the Stimulus

1 comment:

Matt Osborne said...

Oh, yes. I am not surprised to see Alabama on the list of "red state socialists." But I am surprised to find us only #7 on that list! Quickly, my fellow Alabamians -- suck harder at the gummint titty! SUCK! SUCK!! SUUUUUUCCKKKKK!!!