Thursday, June 11, 2009

My 30 Seconds of Morning Joke™

Thought I'd get the blood flowing and watch 30 seconds of Doucheborough. It worked.

Of course, the first thing I see is a split screen of Doucheborough and Doris Kearns Goodwin debating Joe's book (BOOK PLUG!) and after they broke, Mika wanted to make a clarification regarding something they misreported (big surprise there), and Joe was his typically douchey self.

Mika: I wanna do a little clarification on my news report on the money going to Palau. We just got an e-mail from the White House saying that we're misreporting it...

Douche: Really?!

Mika: ...and that there are conversations going on about past help and support that the United States has given the country and that there are conversations going on about future help, but no discussions about a detainee exchange of money. No linkage.

Douche: Oh, so there's no quid... pro.. quo. Thank you, White House. (douchey laugh)

Mika: No, this is the State Department.

Douche: Oh, thank you State Department.

Mika: I think what we ought to do is look into it more and have more tomorrow.

Douche: We're going to. (Douchey sarcasm) I feel badly for suggesting that there might be any linkage there.

What a dick.


Anonymous said...

The fuckin scumbag belongs on Fox where people who can't spell IQ are put on the air not msnbc.Is there anything more annoying than an asshole saying something thats not funny and he continues to laugh at his feeble attempt at humor?

Matt Osborne said...

Wasn't Palau one of the nations in Rumsfeld's "mother of all coalitions"? We gave them plenty of support and money at the time. I wonder why douche and company weren't complaining about a quid pro quo back then?

Ironic much?

Broadway Carl said...

That is correct, Matt. They were part of the "Coalition of the Willing"... that DIDN'T HAVE AN ARMY!