Wednesday, August 5, 2009

By All Means, Let's Keep Letting the Crazy People Have Guns

Posted by Fraulein

There are few issues that enrage me more than the whole question of why we find it acceptable, as a society, that our country is so awash in guns that any random nutjob can cause an unspeakable tragedy like this:

On Tuesday night, the gunman walked into the fitness center wearing workout gear and a headband, entered a "Latin impact" dance aerobics class and placed a duffel bag on the ground. He rooted around in the bag for a moment, turned off the lights, took out at least two guns and started shooting.

Three women were killed and nine people were injured. Police say he may have fired as many as 52 shots before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide.
Why is this OK? You want to have your stupid rifle to go hunting with? Knock yourself out. But why in the name of Jeebus do we think it is OK for anyone--ANYONE, even the catastrophically mentally ill like this guy, to have such laughably easy access to handguns? Why have the goddamned Democrats been ducking responsibility for this issue for so many years? Why can't somebody--how about President Obama, for example?--go on TV and just say honestly: "The ghoulish psychotics of the gun lobby have had this country by the short hairs for long enough. The time to act to rein in the epidemic of gun violence in this country is now. And where we're going to start is by is putting up as many roadblocks as possible to gun ownership for the mentally ill."

Why is that so fucking hard to do? Will we see it happen in our lifetimes? Discuss.

FRIDAY UPDATE: The Pennsylvania fitness center gunman bought handgun "accessories," whatever those are, from the same gun dealer that armed one of the previous mentally ill mass killers, the Virginia Tech shooter. Not surprising in the least.


Armadillo Hussein Joe said...

Obama won't do that because only Nixon can go to China. One of the ways in which our post-Clinton/DLC Democratic party has sold-out for the sole purpose of electoral gain is on the gun issue. The Dems have surrendered it completely in order to not get out-machoed - I point to John Tester of Montana and Jim Webb of Virginia as perfect specimens.

If we ever see something like that happen in this lifetime, it will be a red-blooded "2nd-Amendment-is-the-Only-Amendment-so-why-bother-numbering-them?" Rethugli-puke who has a change of heart because his family got slaughtered does so, at which point if he's president (gawd help us all) the rest of the GOP poo-flingers will gin-up a blow-job controversy and impeach him.

Besides abortion and anything dealing with black people, this is the only issue the pig people care about. It won't go away.

NowhereMan said...

The NRA is a powerful gun lobby that destroys any politician that remotely wants to change any gun laws.John Hinckley was mentally ill when he tried to kill Reagen and they still defended his right to have a gun.
Its not going to happen in our lifetime.If they didn't do anything to change the law after JFK and reagen,they never will.

Fraulein said...

What I find interesting is that this isn't a bigger issue for the average American. You would think with so many people in this country affected by gun violence, there would be more of a clamor for change. Yet people seem to feel that this level of violence is just one of the risks you have to take, living in America. I fervently wish that people had higher ideals for the kind of society we should be living in. It's amazing how resigned we've become to the status quo!

Anonymous said...

Guns don't kill people, dumbasses, people kill people. When will you stupid fucks understand that? It's already illegal to brandish a gun, let alone shoot at or kill anyone that hasn't tried to physically harm you. And if you're a felon, it's still illegal to own one! But do criminals obey the law? No, they don't. That's what makes them criminals. Gun laws don't work on criminals because criminals don't obey the law in the first fucking place!
You people really need to pull your heads out of your asses. You can't really believe the shit your spewing, can you?

Broadway Carl said...

Thank you, Anonymous for posting what is probably the stupidest comment ever on this blog. You should congratulate yourself.

Guns don't kill people, people kill people, but people with guns kill people a whole lot easier, don't they?

Reads the fucking article, asshole. This guy was NOT a felon, so why bother bringing it up? I have no problem with someone owning a gun if they want to own one, but why does the NRA fight tooth and nail against background checks and waiting periods?

NRA information: "In 2003 alone, 30,136 Americans died by gunfire: 16,907 in firearm suicides, 11,920 in firearm homicides, 730 in unintentional shootings, and 232 in firearm deaths of unknown intent, according to the National Center for Health Statistics."

Gun related deaths in England in 2008? 42. What are we doing wrong?

And when are stupid fucks like you going to pull your heads out of your asses and admit there's a problem?