Monday, September 14, 2009

Classic Stupidity - UPDATE

These are the boneheads we are dealing with.

(Photo via Bob Cesca)

These are the imbeciles that "want their country back" as if it was taken away from them in the first place. I wonder how morons like these get by day to day without being killed by walking into traffic? Or walking off a cliff? Or having an anvil fall on their head?

UPDATE (2:30pm): Update on The Stupid.

Via Wonkette:
Would-be teabaggers and and other easily duped dingbats are proudly emailing each other wonderful pictures of a million teabaggers crowding the National Mall, but these pictures are actually from the Million Man March of 1997, an event attended by, ahem, colored people.



Annette said...

They are such idiots.. I finally had to change my comment policy to eliminate anonymous comments.. they have trolled me to nothing but stupidity supreme for the most part..all over the pictures.. just idiots all of them.

Fraulein said...

I LOVE that they took the Million Man March pictures. That's awesome.

Fraulein said...

Oh -- and this is another good one to cross-post. Thanks!