Monday, September 14, 2009

Quote of the Day

If you saw a woman struck by a car, would you call an ambulance right away? Or would you first ask for her papers to make sure she was not an illegal immigrant? - E.J. Dionne on the prospect of Rep. Joe Wilson and other GOP members spreading the health care coverage for illegal aliens lie.
Puts things in perspective, doesn't it?


Annette said...

Not for wingnuts.. they don't care.. they would spit on them and walk on. Just as Reagan and all the Republicans did the homeless in DC for years.. deny they existed and that's why there was never a homeless problem until recently.

Matt Osborne said...

These are the people who actually believe Kenya came up with a plan to overthrow the United States in 1961. Nothing about them surprises me.

willis said...

Here in Texas we make sure the car is okay, nobody spilled a beer, then cuff the woman to a sign post until Imigration folks get there

Fraulein said...

Oh, these people would ABSOLUTELY make sure she wasn't an illegal immigrant before calling the ambulance.

Here is my favorite thing about this whole debate over whether we should provide any kind of health care, no matter how minimal, to people who come here "illegally": nobody wants to talk about what happens if, for example, these immigrants come down with H1N1. Do we not treat them because they lack papers? That'll show 'em. Even as they infect many, many "legal" Americans with a potentially lethal flu virus. That's the American way, right?